Avang Industrial Group

Manufacturer and designer of all types of metal screws, screws and niches


Some services of Avang Industrial Group

Steel Structure

Calculating, constructing and installing a modern metal frame with bolt and screw connections

Build the Hollow

Calculation, construction and installation of heavy industrial niches

Production of Villa

Construction of a variety of country houses, workshops and residences

Prefabricated concrete and prefabricated concrete

Prepare concrete and pre-made concrete parts

Production Line Automation

Build a variety of Cnc Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the weight of each meter of the nave depends on what factors?
The weight of each meter of a nave is a function of the crater, height, load, such as floor and crane. Therefore, the climate conditions of the site are also other factors affecting the weight of the nave.
2What is the price of a metal skeleton?
The factors such as the weight of each square meter of structure and the use of the structure of the niches as well as the installation climate depend on it.
3What is the advantage of a metal skeleton to a concrete skeleton?
Removable and recyclable metal structure It's also possible to test all parts at any moment even after installation
4What is the advantage of bolt and nut joints relative to fusing?
Quick and easy installation and high precision in the construction and assembly of structures due to all the steps in the factory
5Is it possible to send metal skeletons and niches to other cities and neighboring countries?
Yes It is possible to install and send in all cities of Iran and the surrounding countries The industrial group of the Aung has carried out a project in all cities of Iran, as well as in countries such as Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan.

Completed projects