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Portland Cement Association

The Portland Cement Association was founded in 1916 as a representative of cement companies in the United States and Canada. The mission and goal of this association is to improve and develop the optimal use of cement and concrete as two related elements in construction.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

The Earthquake Engineering Scientific Research Institute is a national, non-profit organization consisting of a team of engineers, geologists, architects, designers, public representatives and sociologists. The institute was established in 1949 as a consulting group of US seismic engineers. The purpose of this institute is to encourage research in the field of earthquake engineering and also to reduce earthquake risks through the development and implementation of earthquake engineering.

Engineering Software Center

In this website, the latest and most practical books and software of engineering sciences day as well as related news as well as the latest addresses of specialized engineering companies are introduced. These softwares and books can be purchased online.

European Council Of Civil Engineers

The European Society of Civil Engineers was founded in 1985. As a reliable and impartial resource, this association provides the necessary strategies to support and promote the standards of civil engineering sciences.

Construction Material Engineering Council

The Building Materials Engineering Training Association was founded in 1983. Improving the quality of production, monitoring and testing of construction materials and also preparing training programs for approval and testing of construction materials are among the goals of this association.

This association is governed by 16 board members consisting of representatives from construction materials testing workshops, laboratories, manufacturers of construction materials and products, the Florida Asphalt Contractors Association, the Florida Department of Roads and Transportation, and Florida Road Construction Companies. / p>

ASTM International Standards Worldwide

It is one of the largest standards development organizations in the world and a reliable source for technical standards of materials, products, systems and services and plays an important role in guiding designers and manufacturers and global trade exchanges.

Ehsan Tabaei et al.

Ehsan Tabaei et al. Group is one of the best and most experienced structural computing teams as well as presenting Shop Drawing maps in Iran