Quality Control (QC)

Avang Industrial Group guarantees the quality of its manufactured parts for installation and operation by employing experienced quality control staff and world-class facilities and equipment. Obviously, the creation of control stations at each stage of production ensures the best quality production.

Some points that distinguish Pendulum Industrial Group from other manufacturers:
– Using the latest QC PLANs
– Use of the most basic and up-to-date welding processes (WPS)
– Using the numbering and barcoding system on the parts
– Performing LAMINATION tests to determine the quality of the raw material
– Perform MT tests. PT. UT. RT to ensure proper welding process
– Using test tools with calibration of the General Directorate of Standards of Iran
– Using an electric meter to determine the thickness of the paint coating of the parts

Some tests performed by the technical office of Pendulum Industrial Group:
– Visual inspection
– Liquid Penetrant testing
– Magnetic-Particle inspection
Ultrasonic testing – Ultrasonic testing method A-Scan / B-Scan
– Ultrasonic inspection and thickness measurement – immersion method
Immersion Ultrasonic testing A-Scan / B-Scan / C-Scan
– Industrial radiographic inspection – X-ray (Radiographic testing)
– Ferrite measurement by ferrite scope method
– Magnetic Field Measurement